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Our Commitment for your PRIVACY

  1. Your privacy is very important to us. None of your information shall be shared outside our organization.
  2. Even within the organization, the same shall be done on a need to know basis.
  3. The information provided shall be used purely to provide services.
  4. You unconditionally reserve the right to withhold any information that you so deem fit. For any functional requirement where we need some information, we shall happily use a dummy data.
  5. VPGWALP reserves the right to use the information provided by you for any legal matters or court matter shall it be required.
  6. VPGWALP does not collect information from those we actually know are under the age of 18, and no part of our website is structured to attract anyone under 18.
  7. If you need any clarification on any of our policy, send us an email at enquiries@vpgwalp.com.